Emma Shoesmith, Head of Brand - FitXR

I contacted Olly for help making our business stand out online. We had a strong look and some clear brand values but we were lacking a consistent tone of voice. Olly understood what we were trying to achieve straightaway. He wrote awesome website copy that does exactly what we asked — sell, but not too hard, and be direct, yet friendly and informative.

Olly’s feedback was great and he’s full of ideas. He saw things from a different angle, which enabled us to step out of our company bubble and look at the big picture. I look forward to working with Olly again and hopefully attending one of his copywriting workshops.

Ellie Jauncey, Director and Co-Founder - The Flower Appreciation Society

Our website needed a complete overhaul, to transform it from a site that looked pretty to one that worked hard to boost our brand. Our objectives were to attract more affluent clientele, stand out in a saturated market and sell our floristry workshops online. It was important to communicate our expertise and the bespoke service we offer.

Olly helped us do this with his clear, straightforward language, emphasising our passion and experience. The website content had to sound conversational and personable, as well as high-end and professional. Olly captured this tone of voice perfectly. His copy sells us without feeling like it’s selling.

We’d recommend Olly to any business needing copywriting services. He was very thorough in the initial briefing sessions, and understood our brand and what we were trying to achieve quickly. He encouraged us to be brave and use language which spoke to the customer, rather than looking inwards.

Before we worked with Olly, we didn’t realise the value of professional copywriting. But the difference is clear. We’re thrilled with our new website. The copy makes it shine.

Jessica Salisbury-Fielder, Head of Marketing - Newtrade Media

Before hiring Olly the copy on our website was inconsistent, lacked focus, and wasn’t driving engagement with visitors. Olly was incredibly collaborative from the jump-off. We really rolled up our sleeves to figure out what would work best for the business. Not only did he ask smart, expansive questions, he was also very responsive to feedback and his timeline management was superior. The final result is modern and fresh but still appropriate for the market we operate in.

Richenda Wilson, Marketing Coordinator - Growing Communities

Olly wrote copy for posters to persuade people to sign up to our local organic veg scheme. He went the extra mile and offered more ideas to extend and complement the original brief. I recommend Olly for his professionalism, sense of humour and the speed he turns work around.

Lee Jobling, Creative Director - ENERGY

The challenge for us at ENERGY was to create a show-stopping experience for Rolls-Royce at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The experience featured Rolls-Royce’s trilogy of Black Badge models: Wraith, Ghost and the new Dawn. Black Badge is Rolls-Royce’s edgier and darker alter ego, aimed at a younger audience.

Alongside the cars themselves, we wanted to convey the history of Rolls-Royce, from its pioneering inception right up to the modern day, to demonstrate how the Black Badge spirit has always been part of the brand, as embodied by the founders Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. Easy, right?

Olly told the story beautifully, picking out exciting highlights from Rolls-Royce’s epic history, and weaving the Black Badge spirit throughout. He created an engaging and informative narrative that was displayed on panels, and which visitors to the stand actually stopped to read! The story was at the heart of the experience, so great copy was vital to its success.

Olly is professional and very easy to work with. The copy he produced was outstanding and I loved the fact that he gave us options for how we could tell the story. He also managed to nail it on the first go, with only minor amends needed.

After using Olly for the first time, I’m confident that whatever he writes will be high quality. And I know I can leave him to get on with the job with minimal supervision. The way he went about researching and writing for this project leaves me with no doubt that he can deliver copy for whatever sector or client I might need.

He’s a bloody nice bloke and he’ll be my first port of call for future copywriting jobs.

Stewart Hodgson, Co-Founder - Fabrik Brands

Olly’s writing has really strengthened Fabrik’s digital marketing campaigns. It’s nice to work with a writer who thinks from a commercial—and not just a creative—perspective. This is particularly important when it comes to search-optimised content for Fabrik’s web pages, which are now performing very well. Olly works hard to understand each assignment and this is reflected in the quality of the content. We’re genuinely thrilled at the way he responds to each brief.

Jens Hannibal, Co-Founder - The Bear Kitchen

We worked with Olly to create the foundational copy for The Bear Kitchen: our world-changing food business. Olly immediately understood how to link our short-term business objectives with our long-term strategy and our core purpose. He masterfully created the web and marketing copy that helped take The Bear Kitchen to the next stage. Working with him gave us great confidence and helped focus our thinking. I highly recommend Olly to anyone who needs an experienced and skilful writer.

Luti Fagbenle, Managing Director - Luti Media

Our challenge, in the visually-focused TV and film production industry, is to convey the strength of our company, and specific projects we’re pitching, in words. Olly’s rigorous approach boosts our offering: he develops and communicates ideas powerfully, and gets them where they need to be for us to present to broadcasters and brands. He’s professional, on point and asks the right questions first time so minimal revisions are needed. His creative thinking brings new ideas to the table; a valuable outside perspective that has a positive influence on our projects.

Julie Jakobek, Managing Director - JA Films

While rebranding the company and designing a new website we were struggling to see the wood for the trees; our existing content was too wordy and longwinded. Olly distilled our ideas into concise, effective copy resulting in a clearer, more engaging website. His patient and personal approach helped us improve the way we communicate JA Films’ strengths, including our unique experience and roster of talent.

Chris Ward, Founder & Owner - Huckle the Barber

I needed content to engage with Huckle the Barber’s clients but I’m a barber, not a writer, and I’m pushed for time. Olly wrote quality marketing communications that cut through the fluff and weren’t too salesly. He got my brand straightaway and his copy hit the right tone.

He offered great advice and turned the work around with a professional and personable attitude. Hiring Olly is money well spent and I’d recommend him to any business. It’s the perfect solution for busy people who need copy: after briefing you can leave the job in his hands and you don’t have to worry – another box ticked.

Lewis Proudfoot, Stone Section Manager - Cliveden Conservation

We needed a newsletter to keep our clients, colleagues and fellow conservation industry members up to speed. Previously we’ve done it in-house, but with a heavy workload and tight timeframe we decided to outsource. Olly gathered stories from our three regional workshops on completed, upcoming and award-winning projects. He took the time to interview individuals and found the best angles for the stories.

He listened to the brief, understood our requirements and wrote in a friendly but authoritative tone, just right for our large, diverse readership. He made the deadline despite the challenges of liaising with multiple stakeholders. Olly has an eye for detail and careful research. His copywriting services combine the rigour of a journalist with the adaptability of a commercial writer. Highly recommended.

Richard Foster, Account Director - Casual Films

Casual Films receive numerous briefs from a range of clients and we used Olly’s services to help us respond to these briefs and pitch for content creation work. We won pitches and secured valuable projects off the back of Olly’s work. Olly is enthusiastic and a great communicator who originates fresh ideas. He was a huge asset for Casual when we needed creative support.

Barry Hughes, Marketing and Communications Manager - Museum of Freemasonry

Before working with Olly we had no clear voice. It was buried beneath a heap of dry academic language with no personality. Once we had established our new visual identity we needed a single voice to speak to our visitors in a way that was friendly and encouraging without sounding too informal.

While working with Olly we got a much better understanding of our brand personality. Not just how we look but also what we say and how we say it. It actually goes much deeper than just the style of copy we produce. Since we’ve started using the new voice Olly helped develop, we’ve had positive feedback from colleagues in the sector. It has helped shape our content and deliver a much more dynamic approach to all our copy from exhibitions to social media.

I found the whole process enlightening and informative. Some of Olly’s techniques for cutting through the noise to get to the real voice have been invaluable for the whole team. I’d gladly recommend Olly because he came with an open and creative approach that encouraged everyone to get involved and get out of their comfort zones.

Judit Dobrai, Owner - Pilates Reloaded

I wanted someone to help me represent my knowledge in an engaging, simple and attractive way so that people who need me can find and understand my services easily. I struggle to express myself in a way that’s short and clear and tend to get lost in details. 

Through our conversations, Olly helped me get to the heart of what I do and achieve clarity on what I’m really good at as a teacher. He gave structure to my lengthy ramblings. He was committed and patient and took the time to understand me and my business.

Olly is a pleasure to work with. Friendly and reliable. From our first meeting, I knew I wanted to hire him.

Lucy Witt, Senior Consultant - Claremont Communications

We needed interesting content on people’s relationship with money for the new website of our client, Ikano Bank. Olly produced a set of high quality articles and really understood what we were trying to achieve – i.e. start an online conversation around everyday financial topics. The tone of his articles was spot on – approachable, jargon free and honest, with just the right amount of humour.

Olly provided a considered and professional service. He asked lots of questions upfront, which was reassuring because it meant he was taking time to understand the brief. His delivery was prompt and he helped to promote our website by sharing his articles across his own social media platforms. He’s a reliable supplier, no nonsense (he just gets it) and fun to work with.

Andrew (Bertie) Ager, Creative Strategy Director - Jack Morton

Google, Sony, Airbnb—at Jack Morton we work with household names on large-scale brand experience projects. We’re skilled at creating beautiful designs for these clients, but we realised the words weren’t getting enough attention.

Now, with Olly on the team our copy punches well above its weight. We tell stories properly rather than just alluding to them. Talk about thorough! Olly goes to great lengths to understand the subject matter and challenges we’re facing.

In the end, Olly’s hard work makes me look better and I like that. A lot. Plus he’s good people, which is huge.