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This treatment was created to win backing from Porsche for a promo film shot at Goodwood Revival vintage motor festival.


I created three distinct approaches, for different budgets, to showcase Porsche’s heritage among the glamour and excitement of the world’s biggest vintage motor festival.

What the client said: >

Sample copy

…We’ll focus on the cars, the clothes and the famous faces in an energetic but measured film that seduces the eyes with carefully captured details…

We open in black and white with a montage of shots that encapsulates humdrum everyday life. Bored people waiting for a bus under grey drizzly skies. Close-ups of miserable faces checking smartphones while standing obediently in a queue. Life seems dull and uninspiring….

Dramatic cut to colour footage of swinging scenes at Goodwood Revival. A series of cuts plunge the viewer into the action: a beautiful woman throws back her head and laughs while holding a glass of champagne. Another woman poses for the camera, throwing open her lustrous fur coat to reveal a polka dot dress. A suave man wearing a blazer and cravat pushes his aviator shades back up the bridge of his nose. Cut to detail shots: hats, shoes, polished leather…

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Luti Fagbenle, Managing Director – Luti Media

Our challenge, in the visually-focused TV and film production industry, is to convey the strength of our company, and specific projects we’re pitching, in words. Olly’s rigorous approach boosts our offering: he develops and communicates ideas powerfully, and gets them where they need to be for us to present to broadcasters and brands. He’s professional, on point and asks the right questions first time so minimal revisions are needed. His creative thinking brings new ideas to the table; a valuable outside perspective that has a positive influence on our projects.