The Process



Nice to meet you. First we chat about your project and what you want to achieve. On the phone, or in person if you’re based in London.



Next I send you a written proposal, which includes your objectives, my approach to meeting them and an estimated cost for the work.



I ask lots of questions to get a detailed understanding of your company and your requirements. Then I put our agreement in writing.



I absorb everything and get to work on the first draft, using the source materials you have provided and, if necessary, my own research.



I submit the first draft and, hopefully, you love it. Or, we go through a feedback process, making revisions until your copy is sparkling.


Copywriting Services Make Your Life Easier

Professional copywriting is not cheap. So what do you get for your money? Here are four important benefits of using a professional copywriter.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Copywriter

1: Get your time back

The benefits of using a professional copywriter start with this most precious of resources. Writing good copy takes time and you’ve probably got hundreds of other things you need to be doing. Hire a professional copywriter and you can get back to business, safe in the knowledge that at least one job is taken care of.

2: First-rate communication as standard

Connect with your audience and doors open. A professional copywriter spends every day writing, for companies, newspapers and magazines. They know how to communicate with precision and clarity. They can adopt your brand’s tone of voice, or help you choose one. Good communication helps your business grow. Poor communication can damage what you’ve worked so hard to create.

3: An objective opinion

Immersed in your working day, it’s hard to keep a sense of perspective and see the big picture. You can be held back by previous work, starry eyed with dreams of the future or hampered by competing views. An objective opinion brings harmony: identifying then succinctly stating the ways you make your customers’ lives better.

4: Make progress

Last but not least in this short yet powerful list of the benefits of using a professional copywriter. You need words but you have no time or lack the inspiration to write them. Many writing projects stall because they don’t fit easily into hectic schedules. Outsourcing can solve this. Get the web copy, newsletter or blog you need, delivered on time. Then move on.


Q: How do you charge for your copywriting services?

A: Most of my copywriting jobs are quoted: a flat fee agreed in advance, based on the length and complexity of the brief. For production companies and agencies I usually charge by the day. For shorter projects I can charge by the hour.

Q: How quickly can you turn around my writing project?

A: I always do my utmost to accommodate your time pressures and I never miss a deadline. Of course, the earlier you get in touch, the more time I can devote to your project.

Q: Can you improve something I’ve written?

A: Yes. I offer editing and polishing services. Editing involves correcting typos, spelling, grammar and formatting errors. Polishing is more involved and includes a serious edit or rewrite of your copy.