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Olly Davy

Hi. I’m Olly Davy, an experienced London copywriter. My job is to listen to you—whether you’re an agency, a brand or an individual—get under the skin of your business, then choose words that help you achieve your goals. I’m also a freelance copywriter. This means I’m flexible and beholden to no one except you.

Perhaps you need professional grade copy but your other writer is busy? Or you have a writing project that keeps getting delayed? It’s time to delegate. Good copywriting is like your best employee: it communicates clearly, gives customers what they want and always makes a great impression.

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Quality Copy for Websites and Print

Do you want to intoxicate your readers? Move them to laughter or tears? Or perhaps you simply want to inform and engage. As a professional writer I ensure the ‘voice’ of your brand is consistent across platforms—websites, sales emails, proposals, articles or adverts—while adjusting the ‘tone’ to fit the context. And if you’re starting out or need a refresh, I can help you define your brand’s written personality.

Do Not Be Anonymous

Business copywriting doesn’t have to be boring. It’s better to provoke a reaction than be ignored. Of course a bank and a barbershop need to speak to their audiences in different ways, but both can stand out from the crowd by using interesting writing that hooks the mind of the reader. What do you want to say?

Make People Want to Know more

Words are versatile. They are the ingredients for stories through which we share the wonders and heartaches of being human. Sometimes they soar on thermals of inspiration, other times they roll up their sleeves and get down to the hard graft of making complicated subject matter accessible.

Wherever you’re coming from, I want to hear your story and then find the best words to tell it, so you can reach a wider audience, boost your reputation and achieve your wildest dreams*.

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*Not a legally binding promise.