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What is Brand Tone of Voice?

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The Definition and Importance of Brand Tone of Voice

You’ve busted a gut creating a distinctive visual identity for your brand. Now, what about the written identity (tone of voice)?

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Become a Successful Copywriter

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Accelerate Your Writing Career

Find clients. Make money. Become successful. Get practical, tested guidance and take your career to the next level.

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No One Cares

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The Importance of Thinking About Your Customers

The first thing to remember when starting a marketing project is that no one cares. Ignore this fact and you’re ruined.

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How I Became a Freelance Copywriter

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The Power of Saying Yes

This is the story of how a chance encounter over a garden wall changed my life forever and set me on the path to becoming a writer.

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Business Writing Is Creative Writing

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Think More Like a Poet

To ditch the traits that make marketing copy boring and inhuman, start thinking more like a storyteller or a poet.

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