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Why you need a blog
(and a blog content writer to write it)

A Blog Content Writer Can Take This Important Task off Your Hands

Who has time to write their business blog? Companies with marketing teams and in-house writers perhaps. Insomniacs and workaholics probably. A great blog can help your business stand out and reach new customers. But writing the damn thing is just another item on your never-ending to do list.

Look around my site. You’ll notice that I don’t even have a blog. That’s because I’m too busy writing them for other people. Recently I’ve blogged for a tech client, a high-end barber and a bank. I’ve also ghostwritten a blog revealing the shocking truth of one entrepreneur’s experience on Dragons’ Den (but I can’t talk about that one). Whatever sector or subject you want to blog about, I can help.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Blog Content Writer?

Maintaining a blog takes commitment. But the benefits can be huge: boosted web traffic, search engine rankings and interaction with customers. In an age when consumers are more savvy (and cynical) than ever, this method of sales without selling is a subtle yet effective way to build your brand and give yourself an edge over competitors.

If you want to grow your business you need to be working on it rather than in it. So hand responsibility for your blog over to a blog content writer. Then you don’t have to worry about that constantly nagging schedule.

What Does a Blog Content Writer Do?

The job of blog writers is to create content that’s useful for your customers in the right tone for your brand. Answer your audience’s questions, give them what they need—something that makes their lives a little easier—and you build trust. Then they’re more likely to buy your products or services.

Really great content gets shared all over the internet. It might even go viral. And who benefits from all that lovely, organic, FREE advertising? You guessed it – you do.

How a Blog Content Writer Wows Your Customers

A great place to start is with keyword research. What are your customers talking about? What do they want to know about your product, service or sector? This research—carried out by you or your blog content writer—forms the basis of blog post themes. Build a list of ideas this way and soon you have a content calendar for the year ahead.

For example:

  • A bank might publish a blog post offering readers money saving tips
  • A barber shop could write a round-up of the best hair clippers to use at home
  • A supermarket would be wise to share delicious recipes

And so on.

The process of briefing your blog content writer involves sharing your company’s unique experience and expertise. Your blog content writer uses this expertise as a starting point and then carries out research to enhance the authority of the posts even further.

Including external links to high-quality, trusted websites allows super-curious readers to do further reading. Keywords (chosen during the initial research) should be used judiciously in the body of each post, and in the metadata, to optimise the page for search engines.

It might sound complicated but it’s not. A blog content writer can handle all of this, and with a consistent blogging strategy implemented over time you’ll start to see results.

Using the Ammo Your Blog Content Writer Provides

Unless your website gets huge amounts of traffic (and even if it does), you need to promote your blog if you want people to read it. The best way to do this is with social media. Your company’s own exclusive and beautifully-written content is the best thing to share with your followers. Investing in high-quality content, and social media management to promote it, demonstrates that you care about your customers and pay attention to their needs.

Refresh a Tired Blog or Start a New One

Whatever your blogging requirements, drop me a line or call me for a chat. I’d love to hear your ideas and offer my advice about the best way forward. You can pick my brains. That’s free of charge.

Read examples of my blog content writing below. Or get in touch to discuss your project.

Blogs Examples

Huckle the Barber Blog

Huckle the Barber Blog

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Ikano Bank 02



Ikano Bank 01

Ikano Bank 01