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Just So is a production company based in London. This treatment involved concept development for a brand film showcasing a new mobile phone by Huawei, who collaborated with Leica to create one of the best camera phones on the market.


The concept embraced the contemporary phenomenon of social media stars in order to add credibility and authenticity for the target audience.

Sample copy

The union of Huawei and Leica is a landmark moment. Bringing together a leading telecommunications company and highly-respected heritage camera brand will create a supremely desirable product. The three films, while as unique as the contributors they showcase, will share a superior visual style that reflects the premium positioning of EVA and conjures the expert craftsmanship of Leica.

These productions will encourage the audience to take another look at their surroundings with the aid of the EVA – a revolution in camera and phone craftsmanship that enables everyone to tell their own story, beautifully.

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