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This pitching document (treatment) was created to win concert film production duties for a well-known country music star.


I wanted to capture the passion of Keith’s fans and the energy of his live shows so I immersed myself in his music while researching his life story.

Sample copy

Our mission is to harness the power of the live concert and transmit it via the screen with no loss of intensity – blurring the line between the stage and the audience, demonstrating how Keith’s music bridges the gap. We want to complement the emotion, to heighten its power and project it onto the viewer so that they can feel the effects of his spellbinding performance.

Keith is a virtuoso musician who has been playing guitar since the age of six. But he doesn’t let his extraordinary skill create distance between him and his fans, he uses it to break down barriers and connect.

Finding emotive moments of both Keith and the crowd, and placing them in the edit, will lift the viewing experience to the next level: a couple kissing, a girl on her boyfriend’s shoulders beaming with happiness, someone crying at the lyrics. These special moments will help to fuse what is happening onscreen with the music and performance.

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Julie Jakobek, Managing Director – JA Films

While rebranding the company and designing a new website we were struggling to see the wood for the trees; our existing content was too wordy and longwinded. Olly distilled our ideas into concise, effective copy resulting in a clearer, more engaging website. His patient and personal approach helped us improve the way we communicate JA Films’ strengths, including our unique experience and roster of talent.