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Huckle the Barber wanted a light-hearted tone for their Christmas mail out to promote a local event and one of their unique selling points – great music playlists.


I had the pleasure of getting my hair cut at Huckle the Barber, which helped me understand their brand. The humorous tone fits well with the upmarket but laid back feel of the barbershops.

What the client said: >

Sample copy

Ho, ho, ho. Get your stockings out, Santa wants to empty his sack.

Whether you embrace Christmas with the slobbering enthusiasm of a sherry-fuelled granny, or collapse like a myotonic fainting goat at the mere mention of the word – no matter.

Shop local, live happy

One thing is past debate: the Lamb’s Conduit Christmas Shopping Evening and Raffle is simply the best thing happening this Thursday 1st December, from noon until 8 pm.

London’s finest community of shops and restaurants will be laying on food, fun and one-day only discounts.

And the raffle prizes? By the beard of Zeus they’re good. How does a £90 Huckle the Barber gift voucher sound?

Enter and win? Wahey! Free presents for your(self) loved ones. No luck? Rest easy in the knowledge that your coin is supporting Coram’s Field, a charity that runs an incredible seven acre park for children and young people in central London.

While we’re in the giving mood…

For Your Listening Pleasure

Part of our service is creating a pleasant relaxed atmosphere in each of our barbershops.

Good music is critical to this.

We spent serious coin on KEF systems so you can enjoy great tunes, how they’re meant to sound.

This playlist, also heard in store, is our gift to you. And here’s a link to Huckle barber Marshal Darling’s superb Radar Radio show.

You can tell your mates you “stumbled on these tracks while digging in the crates”. We won’t mind, and the delicious rhythms might help you digest that ill-advised fourth helping.

Happy holidays.
Chris Ward, Founder & Owner – HUCKLE THE BARBER
I needed content to engage with Huckle the Barber’s clients but I’m a barber, not a writer, and I’m pushed for time. Olly wrote quality marketing communications that cut through the fluff and weren’t too salesly. He got my brand straightaway and his copy hit the right tone.

He offered great advice and turned the work around with a professional and personable attitude. Hiring Olly is money well spent and I’d recommend him to any business. It’s the perfect solution for busy people who need copy: after briefing you can leave the job in his hands and you don’t have to worry – another box ticked.
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Canababes Food Sales Email

Canababes 1 - Canababes Food Sales Email
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A mail out to mark this catering company’s one year anniversary.


Canababes grew from using their home kitchen to needing commercial space amazingly quickly. They must be doing something right. They wanted to keep their clients and friends up to speed and give them a little something for free.

Sample copy 

Are you planning an event where there will be hungry guests to feed? If you need a unique menu for your wedding, canapés for an intimate soirée, or a three course feast to treat your staff, the Canababes offer professional, competitively-priced catering tailored to your needs.

We cannot believe over a year has passed since we launched Canababes, but we’re thrilled to reveal a little of what we’ve been up to. And as a small thank you for supporting our foodie adventures, further down the page we’re serving up a delicious Canababes recipe to help make your own festive gathering the talk of the town.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our venture and we’ve had the opportunity to cook at some wonderful events. From battling gale force winds while barbecuing perfectly pink lamb for ninety people at Trinity Buoy Wharf, and laying on an Indian-inspired vegetarian feast for a wedding in Hackney Wick, to whipping up a banquet for 120 at the Asylum, a beautiful candlelit chapel in Peckham, working in the tiniest of spaces behind a crumbling stone wall.

Smiling diners and happy customers tell us there is an appetite for Canababes’ fresh and tasty food and we think it’s only right that we should give something back to you: those who’ve helped us turn our dreams into reality. (LINK TO RECIPE).

Thanks for reading. We look forward to feeding you soon…

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