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Concept development for a corporate video showcasing new scanning/modelling technology.


The aim of this project was to create a short, hi-tech animation that would be perfect for sharing on social media.

What the client said: >

Sample copy

A one minute behind the scenes film and a 15 second 3D computer animation will engage our target audience and demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology. In the one minute film we peak behind the scenes of the creative process, following an animator in a small studio as they work. The animator scans an everyday object using the Lenovo B50 with RealSense technology.

We see how the resulting 3D digital image can be easily manipulated and used in animations to great effect. The focus is on how useful the technology is, saving the animator precious time that would have been spent on fiddly modelling or searching online for an appropriate 3D model.

The 15 second animation is the end of the process: from a tangible object to a 3D digital animation with ease. This short animation will be perfect for sharing via social media, creating awareness and interest about the technology….
Richard Foster, Account Director – Casual Films
Casual Films receive numerous briefs from a range of clients and we used Olly’s services to help us respond to some of these briefs and pitch for content creation work. We won some of the pitches, securing valuable projects off the back of Olly’s work. Olly is enthusiastic and a great communicator who originates fresh ideas. Olly was a huge asset for Casual when we needed creative support.