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Bare Films Treatment Writing

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This treatment was for an energy drink TV commercial for the Africa and Middle East market.


My aim was to capture the energy and excitement of various tribes’ activities, including petrol heads, in order to convey the high octane feel the director had in mind for the commercial.

Sample copy

…We open on an empty car park with the city skyline in the background. The sun is sinking towards the horizon. Floodlights illuminate the tarmac space. Our guy is the first to arrive. His ride is pimped. He has the kind of love for his car that causes strain in a relationship. It’s polished to perfection, the powerful engine purrs like a tiger, the chrome rims dazzle your eyes and the sound system has enough wattage to put holes in walls. Other cars arrive – also souped-up but none matching our hero’s – his motor stands alone. Competition is fierce among the petrol heads. Niceties aside, you play to win. You want your car to be the loudest, fastest, most tricked-out. Our man has it; there’s high octane fuel in his tank and a can of Power Horse on the dash.

Sample design

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