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Redefining the BrewDog tone of voice

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From new punk on the block to principled heavyweight. Thanks to BrewDog’s success, the much-loved beer brand outgrew its category and created an exciting new problem for itself. Namely, how a new, maturer BrewDog tone of voice should sound. I was brought in by Made Thought to help develop a new written personality for the brand. I love drinking BrewDog beers so writing words for the Scottish firm was a treat.


They smashed the system. Next they had to build a new one. As an established company, BrewDog wanted to reach out beyond its hardcore craft ale fanbase. The idea was to attract beer drinkers who might have been put off by the previous ‘burn it all down’ approach. I explored this theme with new copy for the BrewDog manifesto, packaging, and campaign ideas.


My creative work fed into the new-look BrewDog you’ll have seen on supermarket shelves and billboard campaigns all over the country. I won’t claim I’m directly responsible (because I’m not) but BrewDog happens to be the UK’s fastest growing food and drinks brand. I like to think I did my bit.

What the client said

“Mother of Christ! That’s awesome.”

Nick Marshall, Senior Partner – Made Thought

BrewDog sample content

Ad concepts

Things not to say at a BrewDog bar

#1 “Have you got any ‘normal’ beer”?


You have 8,000 taste buds. 

Play to the crowd.


You kids and your ‘flavour’


A taste bud only lives for 10 days

Give it a good send-off

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