konica logo - Konica Minolta — Print Ad Copywriting

Konica Minolta — Print Ad Copywriting

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Jack Morton—a global brand experience agency—is one of my favourite agency clients to work with. They always get cool gigs. This one was a US print advertising campaign for Konica Minolta. The Japanese technology company is 150 years old, but very much focused on the future and how tech will reshape the world of work. The aim of the campaign was to drive people to a new website.


The concept for the campaign was to celebrate individuals — the hardworking entrepreneurs who are the backbone of the economy. They wanted copy that spoke directly to the reader, focusing on the challenges and opportunities they face and linking those to the services Konica Minolta provides. The trick was to pack big ideas into the small space allowed by a print ad.


The result was four beautiful ads printed in trade publications across the US. The categories—doers, makers, innovators and up-all-nighters—are distinct but complementary. As was the tone and style of the copy. I’ve included the surfboard dude below because I harbour (not-so) secret dreams of riding tubes in my downtime.

Konica Minolta sample content

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