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I was hired to write the promotional copy for this new online magazine.


Mainstream media can be depressing. The same stories are recycled across many outlets. There is a need for fresh, inspiring stories. The type that never make the front pages. My aim was to highlight that need and encourage contributions.

Sample copy

What does it mean to live in the UK in the 21st Century? Where might you turn for answers? The regurgitated parade of soul-crushing bleakness known as mainstream media? Perhaps not.

This new online magazine will share the stories of real people; far more inspiring than those on the front pages of newspapers. Because it’s not politicians that make our island nation great, and its certainly not our football team – it’s us.

We’re looking for writers and photographers to contribute thought-provoking words and images, and help us bring to light the lives of fascinating human beings.

If you have discovered an interesting aspect of UK culture, community, tradition or travel, and you would like to reach a curious audience, drop us a line today.

Knock-on: beyond the news.