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Huckle the Barber is a smart, gents barber with two shops in London. Chris Ward, founder and owner, wanted interesting, light-hearted content to help raise the brand’s online profile and engage their high-earning clientele.

I devised a content marketing strategy and began writing a fornightly blog. Recent posts include an interview with Oliver Spencer, a guide to clippers and trimmers, and a rallying cry for bald men everywhere to embrace their inner super villain


Huckle is smart but not stuffy, so my approach was to create sophisticated posts, written in an informal and witty voice that speaks directly to the audience. You can find the blog here.

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Going bald? Embrace it.
You might be a super villain

We never noticed it before. That’s how entrenched the negative portrayal of bald people in popular culture is. But thanks to this Youtube video we’ve woken up to the poisonous smear campaign terrorising the folliclely disabled.

Here are just two examples. Darth Vader begins life with decadent flowing locks. Then he discovers the Dark Side and the Bald Side simultaneously. Arnie always plays hirsute heroes. Except in Batman & Robin where, as the evil Mr. Freeze, he’s, you guessed it – BALD.

Joking aside, losing your hair is devastating. The shocking fact is 50% of men will experience some degree of male pattern baldness by the time they’re 50. You know what’s even sadder? There’s no cure and it’s caused by your own hormones. Cheers, biology..

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Chris Ward, Founder & Owner – Huckle the Barber

I needed content to engage with Huckle the Barber’s clients but I’m a barber, not a writer, and I’m pushed for time. Olly wrote quality marketing communications that cut through the fluff and weren’t too salesly. He got my brand straightaway and his copy hit the right tone.

He offered great advice and turned the work around with a professional and personable attitude. Hiring Olly is money well spent and I’d recommend him to any business. It’s the perfect solution for busy people who need copy: after briefing you can leave the job in his hands and you don’t have to worry – another box ticked.