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U-Dox, a creative agency, asked me to write a brand manifesto for a new Adidas training shoe – the ZX Flux ADV.


This project was about connecting the humble training shoe to something bigger – making a link to today’s fast-paced world and demonstrating how the shoe is an opportunity for self expression.

Sample copy


Flux is about movement – the condition of the modern world. Information flows at light speed. Ideas are created and changed constantly. People are more connected than ever before. Tomorrow offers infinite possibilities. Waiting will leave you two steps behind. So why wait?

ZX Flux embraces this world. It says:

“Focus on your goals. Don’t just join the movement, start one.”

The ZX Flux allows unlimited choice for self expression within an iconic form. Clean, understated and extraordinarily versatile. The classic rebooted for the 21st Century. A powerful combination of innovation and design.The ZX Flux ADV builds on this pedigree: a cutting edge declaration of originality.

The Flux consumer is shaping the world we live in. They are the heartbeat of our cities: creative, adventurous, ambitious. Leading by example and influencing their peers. Passionate about music, sport and style.

Flux ADV represents for this energetic generation: the two-screeners, the cord-cutters, the ad-skippers.

Flux embodies a positive attitude. There is no end to what you can achieve. You don’t need permission. Take control and make the most of infinite possibilities.