Scriptwriting and Concept Development for PwC (via MerchantCantos)

PwC logo 153cf0e18158b8c64d672f8e2dd9a160 - Scriptwriting and Concept Development for PwC (via MerchantCantos)


MerchantCantos is a creative communications agency that I work with sporadically and PwC, a consultancy, is one of its biggest clients. I was hired for several days for corporate film scriptwriting: to develop the concept and script for PwC’s short film on the theme of disruption. Climate change, urbanisation, global power shifts and technological developments are all contributing to economic uncertainty. The brief was to highlight PwC’s position on disruption and make it clear why businesses must act.


The client wanted a script, and a film, that would make people sit up and take notice without terrifying them. There are startling predictions about what might happen in the future, but no one knows exactly what will occur. So the script is based on current trends and where they might lead. It uses punchy language that complements the fast-paced visuals featuring actors and stock footage.


The script went through several drafts until it was just right. Once it was signed off the footage was shot. The result is an engaging and genuinely unsettling short film. The last line is a nod to one of my favourite rap albums — The Future is Now by Non Phixion. It’s funny where inspiration comes from.