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A press release for a London-based florist.


There can’t be many, or any, other florists who grow their own flowers in London, so the Flower Appreciation, quite rightly, wanted to shout about it. Year of the English Garden was the topical hook.

Sample copy

Florists Harvest the First Blooms from their New Hackney Cutting Garden

This spring, London-based florist and authors The Flower Appreciation Society began harvesting blooms from their newly built flower cutting garden. The plot, just around the corner from their studio in Hackney, was constructed in winter 2015 and is now providing customers with beautiful tulips, narcissi and allium—locally grown with a low carbon footprint.

Realising the potential of a neglected back garden, the site now has raised flower beds crammed full of seedlings, plants and climbers, including: cosmos, ammi majus, malope, sweet peas, dahlias, orlaya grandiflora, clematis and jasmine. For the Flower Appreciation Society, growing their own has opened up a world of unusual varieties not readily available in the commercial flower industry.

“We’ve always loved using British-grown flowers,” said Ellie, co-founder of The Flower Appreciation Society, “We leapt at the chance to transform a small patch of land into our very own cutting garden. Limited space, unseasonal weather and contending with city wildlife are challenges we face. But reactions from customers when they hear their flowers were grown in Hackney have made it all worth it!”

2016 is Visit England’s Year of the English Garden and June 13th see’s the start of British Flower Week. The Flower Appreciation Society are celebrating these events with their first year of flower growing. Visit the The Flower Appreciation Society blog for photos of the garden and the blooms in all their glory.