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Panopto are a tech company who make video-learning software. They have a strong content marketing strategy and asked me to contribute a blog on employee training.


I carried out research to find relevant, recent developments to peg the post to, and chose the top five format as it works well for the web. The tone and language are authoritative and factual.

Sample copy

As business leaders reflect on last year’s results and implement improvement plans, the bottom line continues to be top priority. Yet as firms embrace new revenue streams and roll out new cost-savings initiatives, all too many overlook another internal investment that has proven to boost results — their people.

As a recent Deloitte survey shows, developing a business culture focused on purpose along with profits can help give companies the edge over their competitors. A strong sense of purpose boosts business confidence and confidence is infectious, attracting talent, encouraging investment and fuelling growth.

But how do companies create a ‘culture of purpose’?

Effective training is vital, to ensure employees understand your company’s mission. 77% of employees surveyed by Deloitte believe ongoing training helps to achieve that all important sense of purpose. But not all training methods are created equal — research suggests as much as 11% of employee training may be “unproductive learning”.

Traditional training methods are often ineffective (manuals fall out of date soon after they’ve been produced), expensive (upwards of half the cost of off-site seminars is spent on travel alone), or incomplete (as senior employees are not always available to share their expertise) — and sometimes all three. Add to this a cubicle culture in which workers feel disconnected from management decisions and you have a recipe for disillusionment and high staff turnover.

Technology, especially video, is addressing these challenges by revolutionizing the way knowledge is shared and used. Using new software Learning and Development professionals can reach more people, more effectively than ever before. Improving access to information not only equips staff with the skills needed to achieve personal and organizational goals, but also fosters an open culture with a shared sense of purpose.

Here are 5 ways using video in employee training can help your company build a culture of purpose.

1. Speed up onboarding

For new hires to hit the ground running, managers need to quickly communicate large amounts of information. But with remote working and packed schedules, it’s not always possible to get recruits in the same room for face-to-face training. Instead, webcasting training sessions offers a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, offering the ability to communicate values and share up-to-date knowledge so that employees reach productivity quicker. Likewise, an on-demand video training library can help boost new employees’ confidence by giving them instant access to refresh and deepen learning.

2. Improve staff development

In most organizations, every position has at least a handful of unique requirements and expectations. But most traditional training programs don’t incorporate tailored learning, and often, company experts are often too busy to deliver sessions and outline all those particular details. By using video, forward-looking businesses allow employees to learn at their own speed and focus on areas of weakness. A video content management system like Panopto also modernizes the concept of social learning — employees can record presentations and best practice demonstrations, then store them securely where they can be shared and discovered by colleagues whenever needed.

3. Motivate and enable top talent

Experienced staff are a company’s most valuable resource — and keeping them on-mission is critical. Technology can help, by providing tools to help bosses manage their time and employees effectively. Briefings and updates can be recorded ahead of time and shared more widely on-demand, reducing the need to spend time in meetings. Maximising the contribution of your most talented employees raises the bar for all, creating brand ambassadors with a strong and infectious sense of purpose.

4. Promote transparency

A more open culture allows an organization’s sense of purpose to thrive. Staff need to be kept abreast of developments in order to feel part of the team. Video can improve corporate communications, connecting employees to decisions made at a senior level. Video is even beneficial for day-to-day communications — in a world where Forrester Research reports employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text, a video can be a more effective means to share a message and stand out in an overflowing inbox.

5. Encourage innovation

Closed-door cultures often stifle innovation. And who says only executives know what is best for a company? Video can be used to harness inspiration by creating a forum where employees share their thoughts on company policy or strategy changes. Software like Panopto allows videos to be searched to pinpoint details in the feedback. This is important on two levels — first, by giving the organization a means to seek collect and preserve ideas from any department or level all across the company, and second, by demonstrating to staff that the organization values their thoughts and contributions (itself a proven technique to increase employee loyalty and morale).

The positive impact made by empowered staff on company performance is one that leaders are already well aware of. According to this 2014 Forbes report more than 70% of organizations believe the problem of employee “capability gaps” is one of the most important they face. The digital revolution continues to advance the way information is shared and used and platforms like Panopto offer powerful solutions to business training and development challenges.

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Ikano Bank 01

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This new bank wanted content to help start an online conversation around people’s relationship with money


The blog was written from personal experience and is an irreverent commentary on the risks and rewards of going freelance

What the client said: >

Sample copy

From 9-to-5er to pen for hire

What I’ve learnt from becoming a freelance copywriter

If you had to interview before going freelance it might run something like this:

‘You’ve got the job. But we can’t pay you. The workload is…unpredictable; a fourteen hour day will be followed by 2 weeks emptier than the Gobi desert. There’s no sick or holiday pay and no pension. Take the desk in-between the toaster and the kettle. You’re on your own.’

This scenario illustrates some realities of being your own boss. But in my experience, nearly 1 year in, the benefits far outweigh the risks. By following my dream and becoming a copywriter I’ve joined the ranks of more than 1.5m people in the UK who class themselves as freelance. I’ve sacrificed job security and subsided canteen slop, but gained creative fulfilment and control of my career. My work life balance is healthier than ever and my relationship with money has changed dramatically for the better.

A freelance copywriter pays his dues

My monthly pay cheque bred complacency; easy come, easy go and the wheels of drudgery kept turning. Now every pound is hard won and paid invoices land in my account like manna from heaven. Understanding the value of money, and my ability to earn it, is an important motivator as I teeter on the cusp of an exciting life stage. I’ve ticked the mortgage box (secured before leaving my job – banks don’t like lending to the newly self-employed) and soon my girlfriend and I want to try for kids. In my romantic vision of the writer’s life I stand at the edge of a boiling sea pondering big questions, like:

‘Can I afford Pampers or should I go own brand?’

Perhaps an ensemble of knotted dishcloths will do. I expected, optimistically, my earnings to soon equal my previous salary. Wrong. There were plenty of copywriters doing a good job before I lobbed my pen in the ring; why should anyone hire me? So, I knuckled down to endure regular rejection and months of unpaid work. When morale was low I took inspiration from the words of Benjamin Franklin:

‘Energy and persistence conquer all things.’

I persisted because the responsibility of providing my unborn child with appropriate underwear is not one I take lightly.

Going rogue is a gamble but the rewards are great; finding and owning your sense of purpose is a huge boost to happiness. Thinking about becoming freelance? Do it. You can never be prepared enough and you might spend your whole life waiting for the right moment. But remember…

Be ambitious – it’s all on you so you have to give 100%.

Be realistic – your income will start low and fluctuate. You’ll need backup savings.

Get out – meet people in the same field; interaction keeps creative juices flowing and prevents conversations with plants.

Get dressed – do this first. If working from home, maintaining sartorial standards puts you in the right frame of mind and stops the neighbours talking.

Lucy Witt, Senior Consultant – Claremont Communications

We needed interesting content on people’s relationship with money for the new website of our client, Ikano Bank. Olly produced a set of high quality articles and really understood what we were trying to achieve – i.e. start an online conversation around everyday financial topics. The tone of his articles was spot on – approachable, jargon free and honest, with just the right amount of humour.

Olly provided a considered and professional service. He asked lots of questions upfront, which was reassuring because it meant he was taking time to understand the brief. His delivery was prompt and he helped to promote our website by sharing his articles across his own social media platforms. He’s a reliable supplier, no nonsense (he just gets it) and fun to work with.

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Knock On

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I was hired to write the promotional copy for this new online magazine.


Mainstream media can be depressing. The same stories are recycled across many outlets. There is a need for fresh, inspiring stories. The type that never make the front pages. My aim was to highlight that need and encourage contributions.

Sample copy

What does it mean to live in the UK in the 21st Century? Where might you turn for answers? The regurgitated parade of soul-crushing bleakness known as mainstream media? Perhaps not.

This new online magazine will share the stories of real people; far more inspiring than those on the front pages of newspapers. Because it’s not politicians that make our island nation great, and its certainly not our football team – it’s us.

We’re looking for writers and photographers to contribute thought-provoking words and images, and help us bring to light the lives of fascinating human beings.

If you have discovered an interesting aspect of UK culture, community, tradition or travel, and you would like to reach a curious audience, drop us a line today.

Knock-on: beyond the news.

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Online content agency Copify wanted a snappy summary of what the London 2012 Olympics left behind, both good and not so good.


The Olympics are renowned for leaving expensive, decaying stadiums in their wake. Is London any different?

Sample copy

Has a generation been inspired? Impossible to measure. Although it is true that London has had more success than Athens or Beijing turning theatres of dreams into useful amenities: the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is proving popular, four of the sporting venues are now open to the public and West Ham FC will move into its new home, the converted main stadium, in 2016.

Pockets of East London have been transformed, and while political leaders hail this growth as essential for Britain to compete globally, lifelong residents priced out of their homes by regeneration tell a different story. They don’t want a legacy, they just want somewhere to live.

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British Red Cross

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A fundraising proposal to win backing from a Financial Times charity campaign. The theme was innovation – how the British Red Cross is using technology to reach more people in need.


The Red Cross is one of the most well-established charities in the world. So, people don’t always associate the organisation with innovation. But you’d be surprised. This proposal was about identifying and communicating how the Red Cross is leading the way with new types of humanitarian aid provision.

Sample copy


Every year unpredictable disasters wreck lives and property around the world. Last year there were 296 natural disasters, affecting many millions, causing 21,250 fatalities and economic losses of USD192 billion.

Although earthquakes and hurricanes cannot be prevented, and climate change and rapid urbanisation are exacerbating vulnerability to disasters, together we can encourage Financial Times readers to invest in projects that are making a difference right now in endangered communities from Pakistan to the Philippines.


Finding new ways to tackle humanitarian challenges is essential as demand for Red Cross services grows. Our aim is to reduce risks and improve community and individual resilience so people can better withstand and recover from natural disasters or personal emergencies. This approach makes economic sense:

For every £1 invested in reducing the risk of disasters, £4 is saved in emergency response and reconstruction.

The Red Cross is constantly exploring the potential of innovation and technology in its operations. We are using cash transfer systems to rebuild lives and economies in the wake of cataclysmic events;; controlling disease outbreaks using online mapping systems updated by digital volunteers; disseminating life-saving advice across large populations via SMS during emergencies; and putting first aid skills in millions of pockets with our award- winning mobile phone apps.


Communication and information technologies can save lives and are as necessary as food and water in the aftermath of an emergency. But this technology is only helping a fraction of those most in need. The figures tell the story: a mere 31 per cent of people in low-income countries have access to the internet, compared to a massive 77 per cent in high-income countries. Welcome to the digital divide.

Bridging this divide is critical for the future of humanitarian action. But we can’t do it alone. By choosing the Red Cross as its next charity partner, the FT can give its readers the chance to invest in work that will close the gap and save lives around the world.

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Adidas Copywriting

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U-Dox, a creative agency, asked me to write a brand manifesto for a new Adidas training shoe – the ZX Flux ADV.


This project was about connecting the humble training shoe to something bigger – making a link to today’s fast-paced world and demonstrating how the shoe is an opportunity for self expression.

Sample copy


Flux is about movement – the condition of the modern world. Information flows at light speed. Ideas are created and changed constantly. People are more connected than ever before. Tomorrow offers infinite possibilities. Waiting will leave you two steps behind. So why wait?

ZX Flux embraces this world. It says:

“Focus on your goals. Don’t just join the movement, start one.”

The ZX Flux allows unlimited choice for self expression within an iconic form. Clean, understated and extraordinarily versatile. The classic rebooted for the 21st Century. A powerful combination of innovation and design.The ZX Flux ADV builds on this pedigree: a cutting edge declaration of originality.

The Flux consumer is shaping the world we live in. They are the heartbeat of our cities: creative, adventurous, ambitious. Leading by example and influencing their peers. Passionate about music, sport and style.

Flux ADV represents for this energetic generation: the two-screeners, the cord-cutters, the ad-skippers.

Flux embodies a positive attitude. There is no end to what you can achieve. You don’t need permission. Take control and make the most of infinite possibilities.

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U-Dox is a creative agency that creates cutting-edge campaigns for brands. They needed a new mission statement for their redesigned website.


Working with the guys at U-Dox, I helped to focus on their strongest USP and put it into words, namely their understanding of, and access to, underground youth movements.

Sample Content

U Dox screenshot - U-DOX


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JA Films Website Copywriting

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I was hired to write the copy for this award-winning production company’s new website. JA Films specialises in music films, as well as feature documentaries and TV shows.


The challenge was to appeal to music industry decision makers and artists with copy that matched the panache of JA Films’ productions.

What the client said: >

Sample copy

There are not many places the Rolling Stones haven’t played. Until 25th March 2016, Cuba was one of them. On a hot night in Havana, half a million Cubans watched the legendary group become the biggest foreign rock band ever to play on their soil. Havana Moon captures the highly charged atmosphere of this extraordinary concert.

The Rolling Stones rocked the Cuban capital only five days after the first visit by a US President in over 80 years. Both events heralded the start of a new era for the country. In his speech to the world’s media, Barack Obama evens pays tribute to the band. The combination of hope plus rock and roll is an intoxicating one and the film, shot in 4K, captures the vigorous energy and excitement of the crowd.

As one concert goer remarked, “This is a moment I have been dreaming about. I have just witnessed the most important concert in Cuba in a long time.”

Havana Moon was premiered at a one night exclusive cinema event on 23rd September 2016 at more than 1,000 screens across Australia, Europe, Japan, Latin America and Russia.

Ja Films - JA Films Website Copywriting


Julie Jakobek, Managing Director – JA Films

While rebranding the company and designing a new website we were struggling to see the wood for the trees; our existing content was too wordy and longwinded. Olly distilled our ideas into concise, effective copy resulting in a clearer, more engaging website. His patient and personal approach helped us improve the way we communicate JA Films’ strengths, including our unique experience and roster of talent.


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